Hello there!

My name, so far as you are concerned, is Brickdoctor (‘Doc’, to those who know me well), and I’m a Fan Of LEGO (FOL). I’ve been on the web for nearly 4 years now, and it’s been a great journey so far putting my 15+ years of LEGO experience to the test through contests, groups, forums, and more. I finally decided it was time to break away from the crowd that hosts their MOCs entirely on group sites, and create my own personal little space in the corner of this vast sea we call the Internet.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m beyond interacting on group sites. The online LEGO community is a constantly growing mass of people just like me. You can find me at these popular sites:





And I’m the creator of the fledgling blog, ClassicStarWars.

Now then, a little about Legoarts: I came up with the name about two years ago, back when I was still an MOCpages-only FOL. Basically because I wanted a simple logo to put in the corner of my photos, and I narrowed it down to names beginning with ‘Brick’ or ‘LEGO’. Yeah, those are fairly common, but I didn’t really think of that until later. I settled on ‘LEGO’ because I wanted a letter that was easily recognizable at all sizes used on the Web, and I wanted it to be formed by lightsaber blades. The ‘arts’ part I guess came from the fact that I see LEGO as an art form. At that point I never intended for Legoarts to become a website of its own, but one thing led to another and I’ve just always stuck with the name.


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