Star Wars Gallery
These models are based in the popular Star Wars universe, which is easily my favorite LEGO theme. Consequently, I build primarily from this theme. The sci-fi goodness translates well into LEGO.

Historic Themes Gallery
There’s something about little replicas of elements of medieval warfare that appeals to the little boy in all men, and LEGO knights are no exception. I continually find myself returning to this theme when I’m not building Star Wars.

K-130s IFV - CrewSci-Fi Gallery
These are my science fiction models that are figments of my imagination. Any models from sci-fi themes not made up by yours truly aren’t categorized here. (Star Wars, for example, which has it’s own gallery linked to further up this page.

Town Themes Gallery
‘Town’ models are based on the present world, but while I love LEGO cities, I don’t build much in this theme. The only MOC currently in this gallery came about only because of a sudden inspiration for the use of a piece that I was planning to use in a sci-fi creation.

 These are small pictures used to show emotion on sites such as forums.


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