I finally got around to uploading these photos – Civ V is consuming me!
Ambush! - Back View
So the backstory goes that the Forestmen were lying in wait along a remote road, and one of their horse archers caught a young Spartan officer out for a ride alone. The horse archer herded the Spartan right into the trap.
Ambush! - Top View
Ambush! - Spartan Officer

This was probably the hardest pose of the vig. I still don’t think I captured the horse’s position well.

Ambush! - Horse Archer

My favorite minifig in this one, the horse archer. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Ambush! - Forestman Commander

This guy never gets old. I gave him a nice brown cape and eyepatch for this vig.

Rider legs technique partially stolen from BMW_Indy. Every minifig in this vig is in at least one way enhanced with a rubber LEGO piece. There’re a few more closeups in the Brickshelf gallery, when public.


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