Just a quickie I whipped up in around half an hour combining the S3 elf face and longbow with the Classic Forestmen. Man, this pic is grainy! I might have taken it in a shadow by accident.
More in Brickshelf when public.

Back shot, nothing special. Originally I wanted it to look as if the base were carved from the mountain, hence the one stud hanging off the 8×8 plate, but then I realized I wanted the mountain to be seem largish and the base had a curve in its corner, so I settled for this.

Because of the way it was oriented, I had to build only half of the tree, which I guess was good since I didn’t have enough pieces for a proper whole one.

These new elf longbows put my classic ones to shame. I think my elves are going to settle for spears and swords, ’cause these bows are staying with the Forestmen and the classic ones are going to be handed down to two of my Ewoks.

So the story goes, the Spartans are invading the Forest Land as seen in Onward!, and the Forestmen true to their stealthy nature are setting ambushes everywhere and harassing the Spartans.

I was looking for something for the archers to shoot at, and the remains of Onward! were still lying around, so I grabbed the Spartans, took off their capes, and gave them back their standard equipment.


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