Having gained the high ground and controlled the road, the commander orders his troops to advance.

Can’t decide which of the two main pics I like better. This one shows the poses better but also shows the commander’s partially printed leg and the white rubber bands; the other one hides those parts and shows the road, but you can’t see the poses as well.

So I decided I was getting tired of building Star Wars, and I wanted to actually do something with

those Spartans I bought. This was mostly a study in the different ways I could pose the minifigs while using their normal body parts in the normal places.

Just subtle detailing to fill in this area. I was going to stick a skeleton here, but I decided that this was a recent battle, so there wouldn’t be time for the body to decompose leaving just bones.

I think this pose turned out better than that of the standard bearer, but I don’t like it that the rubber band shows and the yellow part of the leg shows. I’m happy with the dual-sided cape and the attachment of the shield, though.

One of the things I really don’t like about traditional LEGO shield attachment is that the shield is grasped, not attached to the arm. I think I fixed that with this pose.

Not sure whether I’m happy with this pose. The position of the arms turned out really well, but I don’t like the showing white rubber band. I couldn’t get the yellow band to fit inside the torso.


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