The Outpost

The Outpost

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Ever since I saw Dan Church’s The Outer Wall, I’ve been wanting to try out the SNOT wall technique. I really love the fact that the tiles’ edges are more rounded off than those of bricks, so you get more definition between pieces and a more ‘stony’ look. Once I had the wall, I just had to try out a corner – with no spaces between the tiles on the corner. A lot of times builders use a brick studs-up with studs on its sides to attach tiles for this, but then you end up with half-plate gaps.

And I decided to make it an outpost because I wanted to fit everything into an 8×8 vig. That and I was running out of spare 1 x 1 tiles in light bley.

The Outpost - BackSo here’s a view of the back, a cutaway view of the tower. One of the things I really wanted was a wooden roof for this remote fortification, and since I was going for a non-violent scene, I added a couple animals. You can see a yellow bird in the rafters here. Originally, he was supposed to be outside, but I can’t seem to find the right pieces in my collection to make him in any other color, and as a yellow bird on the grass he would have stood out too much and stolen attention from the Crusader.

The Outpost - Lone Defender

Another pneumatic tubing pose. Really didn’t think the brown went well with the Crusader uniform, but I only own the tubing in that color.

This was actually one of the tougher poses I’ve done. The tubing wants to spring upward and outward of this position, so I had to wedge the ‘string’ of the crossbow under the helmet’s chin guard.

The Outpost - Landscaping

As said above, since I was going for a non-violent scene, I added a couple animals and flowers. There’s a frog hiding in the grass here.

Totally out of place, I know.

Pretend there’s a pond a few studs out of sight.

The Outpost - Interior

I struggled with this area, because the sci-fi greeblist in me wanted to cover it in weapons and gear. In the end, I settled for a simple torch, ladder, and barrel; and I’m quite happy with it.



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