Where Spartans Failed

Basically, I built the vignette to show off my biggest, baddest, complicated-est Forestman pose yet. Everything else was just tacked on. The name comes from the skeleton in Spartan helmet that you can just see lying in the tree, continuing my theme of Forestmen vs. Spartans. Whether this scene has anything to do with warfare is up to you. More in the Brickshelf gallery when public.

Here he is, the star of the vignette! I spent the good part of the day trying to pose him. He uses the pneumatic tube from my other vigs to hold the bow. The tube then also holds into place the ends of a red rubber band that goes down one side of the torso, through both legs, through itself, and then up the other side of the torso. A light bley antenna is tucked against the left leg to keep the body upright.

I am loving this pic. Turned out so nice. In-story, this guy is about to shoot up another rope so he can begin his climb. I debated making it a violent scene, but in my mind the only reason for an enemy to stick his head out over a cliff exposing himself is if there was a wall there, and I’m terrible at castle walls.

Just because the lone Forestman didn’t look so good, so I added a companion about halfway up the visible portion of the cliff. I debated whether to reuse the whip technique from Forestman+Elf=, but it didn’t look right in this scene. I spent around 10 minutes trying to tie his hands up with the rope and get him to hang right.

So far I’ve loved being able to use all my different yellow heads in these vigs. The expression on this one was just perfect for a confident climber.



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