K-130s IFV

K-130s IFV
Deployed by Terran forces in urban environments, the K-130s Infantry Fighting Vehicle is designed to navigate cities with ease, keeping the peace and dealing with smaller threats.

Finally made a sci-fi military vehicle I’m happy with. I designed the whole thing around an eight-wheeled variant of Legohaulic’s Steering Technique that I used in my previous MOC, except instead of tilting the whole vehicle, only a central rod is rotated. A gear assembly allows the model to be steered by turning the turret. I believe I first saw the ammo chain technique in an MOC by Karf Oohlu, but I don’t remember which one.

I don’t pretend to be an expert in military vehicles; this MOC isn’t meant to be extremely realistic. It’s not an SPII vehicle, either, despite the minifigs. I did the color scheme first, and the minifigs sort of followed. Hence the dk. grey hips and black visors.

K-130s IFV - Rear
The K-130s has a rather small cargo hold that is open-topped, so the vehicle is not ideal for transporting sensitive and/or highly explosive materials.

K-130s IFV - Front
The K-130s’ hood protects a military-grade sensor suite that provides the main computer system with data to regulate the nitty-gritty details of the vehicle, in addition to supplemental targeting information that’s fed to the targeting computer.

K-130s IFV - Gun
The K-130s mounts a single multi-purpose rapid-fire rocket launcher designed for use against aircraft, armor, and infantry alike.

K-130s IFV - Crew
Standard crew of a K-130s is two, a driver and a gunner. Only a driver is needed to operate the vehicle, as the vehicle’s two computers can fire the gun, albeit with much less effectiveness. K-130s’s traveling away from a base for more than twelve Terran hours are also accompanied by an engineer.


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