Star Wars MOC Gallery

The AT-ST’s always been one of my favorites. The overall design is just awesome. Building mine, I went with my usual sizing, with emphasis on high amount of detail and low amount of studs. The most challenging part of the build was, probably as expected, getting the model to stand on its own two feet. It does – and with full articulation.

74-Z Speeder Bike
I did one of these a while ago, but I wanted to redo it to correct some inaccuracies, mainly the triangular road signs most people use for the steering vanes. I also wanted to use ‘Plate 1×1 Modified with Tooth’ pieces to make the model sleeker.

T-16 Skyhopper
This model based off the ILM model used in A New Hope was the first of my models that was built from the ground-up while referring to images of the studio model from the movie. The result is an extremely accurate model, from the angles all the way to the greebles.

T-47 Snowspeeder
This is my favorite vehicle from the Star Wars saga, and I wanted to build one that was vastly different that any other minifig-scale model. I accomplished that by using wings built almost entirely in SNOT, which also produced a model much smoother than the norm.

Midi-X-wing (Yavin IV Set Prototype)
This was reverse-engineered from images of the never-released Yavin IV Base set shown in the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary. That does mean that it’s not built the way I would’ve chosen to do it, but I, of course, wanted to stick as close as possible to the original.

Micro Droid Duo
The gold trophy from the S2 Karate Master Collectible Minifig naturally reminded me of C-3PO, so I just had to build a micro-R2-D2 to complete the duo. A nice, quick little build of only three pieces.


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