T-16 Skyhopper

This is in my view one of the most under-appreciated vehicles of the saga. Granted, it gets about 5 seconds of screen time and isn’t the focus of the scene, but it’s a really nice vehicle, chock full of angles, with a distinctive shape.

That shape was a pain. I wanted to do everything is SNOT, but I hit a snag right from the beginning as I was building the tail: TLG doesn’t make a slope for either the front angle or the back one. Or a wedge plate, for that matter. I solved it by tipping the whole fin backwards, but now the red strip is a little off. I decided in the end that it was more likely the paint department would be off by a couple degrees than that the shape would be formed incorrectly.

Then in the end, for the same reason (angles), I had to resort to traditional plates and tiles for the wings. Overall, though, I’m happy with it.

It looks a bit big compared to the minifigs (and especially compared to the set and Wookieepedia stats), but if you scale it to the width of the minifig as compared to the studio model proportions, it’s just about right.

And yes, it’s missing the griffin on the side. There exists no official sticker for it and I couldn’t do it in SNOT shapes.

Unfortunately, if there’s any bit that’s out of proportion, it’s this bottom area. But, there aren’t very many good shots of the studio model from this angle, so I took some creative liberty. Besides, all the bits matched up so nicely, I didn’t want to tinker with it.

You’ll have to excuse the stand – this model is big and fragile. It has a 13.5 inch wingspan and it’s 14 inches tall, with thin pieces sticking out. Needless to say, it’s a pain to photograph. I really don’t think the pics do it justice.

I loved this part of the build. I have all these white bits sitting around that I usually don’t use and I grabbed them and just started tacking on greebles onto the back end.

This area is a little to cramped for my tastes, but Technic structure takes up the rest of the ‘interior’. And until TLG starts making triangular trans-clear panels, it’s an open cockpit. You can see the other side in the inset. I had to cheat a little and remove the seat to get the guy to sit nicely without knocking the panels out of place whenever I breathed on him. 😛


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