T-47 Snowspeeder

Rogue Leader-edition T-47 Snowspeeder

Currently, this is my personal favorite MOC. You probably also noticed it in the banner, although it was updated a little before I took that picture so it’s a little different.

The first thing I did was build the wings, so I had a list of the things I wanted to have there. I wanted the snowspeeder to look very smooth yet angular, so I built it in SNOT. Then I added the greebles inside the top brake flaps to get some accurate detail in. For the guns, one of the things I wanted for my T-47 was an accurate barrel diameter. All the other designs use a combination of the 1-brick-wide and 1-bar-wide diameters, completely ignoring the 1-stud-wide width. Using that width did give me the ridges on the barrels that I didn’t really want, but I think it was worth it.

One of the things I knew I wanted to change from the norm of snowspeeder design was to do the cooling fins in the more accurate dk. bley and sloped angle. I was also really happy with how the lower air brakes turned out.

The guns are ever so slightly angled inward, even though because of perspective you can’t tell in this photo. I couldn’t angle them any more because the rear half is on a Technic pin and can’t rotate, so then the gun would look bent. I settled for putting the rear half slightly more outward, to give the illusion of the angle.

I really wanted that single angle transition between wing and canopy, and that turned out well. I decided to use yellow classic Luke, because, quite honestly, it’s the best Luke face out there. Unfortunately, I don’t own a Dack minifig.

I love working features, so for this one I added one no one else has done for their T-47s (so far as I know at the time of writing):

The maintenance panels that blow off when Luke crashes are removable, to expose the greebling underneath. Okay, so the greebling is just one grille. It was hard enough getting this feature in. The harpoon cable can be extended and retracted, and it fires from the gun with the cable threaded through theradiator assembly, true to the snowspeeder in Ep.5.


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