Toy Story Army Jeep

Toy Story Jeep
I always liked 5-wide vehicles, I loved the Army Men from Toy Story, and the frame I had sitting on my table with Legohaulic’s Steering Technique was pure fun to play with. This mod of 7595 is only the logical result.

Toy Story Jeep - Right
The steering system did necessitate some changes to the Jeep. Notably the 3-wide wheel wells and raising up of the whole chassis a bit.

Toy Story Jeep - Rear
The decision to go 5-wide with this vehicle was mostly personal preference, and I originally wasn’t going to do it because I don’t have a ton of green plates in odd-numbered dimensions. After I did a 4-wide prototype, however, the Jeep just looked too elongated. Making it a stud wider solved that.

Toy Story Jeep - Front
One of the benefits of going wider is that the Jeep will now comfortably seat multiple soldiers or (as pictured) a soldier and gear in/on the back. It still can’t seat a second minifig in the front, though.


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